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Contact Us

Northwest Land Conservation Trust
PO Box 831
Salem, OR 97308

Mark Wigg, Vice President/Secretary
(971) 600-6607

Professional Support and Affiliations

Legal Representation

  Dan Snyder, Attorney, Law Offices of Charles M. Tebbutt, P.C.
      941 Lawrence Street, Eugene, OR 97401

  David Aiken, Nonprofit Support Services
      590 W. 13th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97440

Certified Public Accountant

  Shari Scoles, CPA, Hoots Baker & Wiley, CPA
      888 Madison Street, NE, Salem, OR 97301


  Terrafirma (Conservation Defense), RRG, LLC
      100 Bank Street, Suite 610, Burlington, VT, 05401

  J D Fulwiler & Co. Insurance
      5727 SW Macadam Avenue, Portland, OR 97239


  Land Trust Alliance
      1660 L Street, NW, Suite 1100, Washington, DC 20036

Web Master

  Eileen O'Reilly-Hoisington


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