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Atkinson Easement

Who Benefits From Conservation Easements?

The Landowner: A conservation easement offers the means to protect the special features of the property without the need for government approval or public hearings. The landowner gains the satisfaction of knowing that the land he or she values will be protected and preserved forever, in perpetuity. There also may be federal income tax and estate tax benefits, as well as property tax benefits.

Society: Conservation easements preserve Oregon's economic resources, such as agricultural lands, forests, wildlife habitats, scenic open space, wetlands and watersheds, that would be lost if the land was fully developed for housing and commercial use.

Government Agencies: Conservation easements help to achieve desired land use patterns that may be impossible to obtain through zoning or condemnation. The way we choose to use and preserve Oregon's remaining undeveloped land will determine the health of our people and our environment for generations to come. The decision, in many cases, lies with the landowners themselves. Private landowners who wish to preserve the natural resources of their land, and limit future residential, commercial and industrial development of their land, may do so legally through the use of conservation easements.


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